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The art of doing real estate marketing has changed. You may be doing your own marketing for lead generation, yet your brokerage is still taking a hefty part of your commission. 

Meet Our Designer

At Best Choice Realty, we place a huge emphasis on helping you select the best vendors in Washington and Idaho for marketing projects. We have relationships with local, affordable videographers, stagers, and contractors who can properly showcase and promote your listings across many distribution channels.

We will help you implement your marketing plan and bring your design ideas to life. Whether it be print, digital or social media marketing – our team can assist you in yielding the best results.

Lori Palomino, Marketing & Design Manager

“I love the creative process of taking a broker’s idea and turning it into their brand identity.”

Examples of Creative Branding

We have the best options that do not include outdated marketing and desk fees!

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Member-Only Resource Website

Our agents and brokers have unique tools

You will have access to our marketplace and design center catered specifically to Best Choice Realty agents. You will find the branding, collateral, products and services necessary for your success.

Staging Contacts
Photography Editing
Photography Contacts

Buyer Presentations, Listing Presentations, graphic design, logos, marketing plans, email and phone scripts

In-house signage orders shipped directly to your home

Approved specialty attorney forms for various unique contract situations

Facebook Closed Community Group and WeChat Group

Doing Business As “DBA”

The idea behind the DBA is for you to have the freedom to establish a targeted brand identity to capture additional business in the marketplace. You can spend your creative energy and reinvest some of your income to create lasting marketing. Unique to the industry, Best Choice Realty allows you the option to personalize and co-brand with Best Choice Realty or work with us to create your own brand identity using a trademark or purchased DBA.

DBA of Best Choice Realty

Creativity is Fun

Getting the family together to paint
Jen Barnwell at 2019 End of Year Event
2019 Leading Edge Event
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Tony Kasunic at Salish Lodge Event

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