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We give our agents the most efficient and most respected online training. After renewal, you will enjoy programs designed by local top producing agents online and in the field with our own school, Umbrella Learning.

Best Choice Realty formed Umbrella Learning in 2014 so you would have everything you need to learn how to build a successful real estate business or tackle the ever-changing marketplace. 2020 changed learning into virtual learning. However, many real estate agents do not learn best online and many real estate skills can only be learned in the field and in the classroom. Our Umbrella Learning school is the best of both learning styles.

Turning land into housing class

All hands contract training

Buyer education class

Broker Support with Ongoing Training

For real estate agents to be the best, they must have the best support. Access to a Managing Broker and marketing support is available 7 days a week. A broker returns calls promptly. Get quality education and support from a local licensed clock hour certified broker.

Broker Support with Ongoing Training

Rachelle Willhite, Designated Broker

Live Webinars


Live Webinars

We routinely offer LIVE webinars to our real estate agents every Monday night at 5:30PM. These webinars are intended to supplement clock hour training and help as you encounter unique situations, need prospecting ideas, or contract form education! Our YouTube channel has thousands of hours of these recorded webinars.

Mastermind Groups

Small Mastermind Group meetings and free or reduced clock hour training that count toward your renewal is a must for your growth.

Mastermind Groups

Best Choice Realty Mastermind Group

In Person Listing Boot Camp

Savvy Marketing Class

Preparing for Easement Training

Get your license renewal clock hour classes completed online: The CE Shop -OR- Rockwell and renew online at