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What sets Best Choice Realty apart from other brokerages is we focus on helping you do what you do best – buying and selling real estate. Anyone who joins will get the same, completely transparent, and simple agreement with the same compensation structure and cap. No pyramid schemes or MLMs here. At Best Choice Realty, you are at the top of our pyramid with a servant leadership company as a solid base. Once you join our production focused company, you will instantly save money and you will not want to leave because of our high-touch service.

At no additional charge, you will get full transaction support. Our genuine and local support staff have an eye for detail and a commitment to quality. Our Agent Experience coordinator will answer your questions and even help you navigate the DOL, MLS or your CRM. We are really big on quality control. We don’t like details slipping through the cracks and we expect you to be very careful with contracts. We support when you are busy so you can spend less time chasing down second signatures and putting out fires and more time with your clients.

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Top Producers Event, 2023

We hold you accountable to sales goals and standards. This brokerage firm is only for full-time, career minded real estate agents actively involved in their communities, MLSs and in building and growing their respective businesses. You already have your own company, brand, team or licensed assistants from our network that allow you to scale your business and assist more clients while managing your time. A full-time Sales Manager works around the clock to ensure you have the coverage and support you need to hit high sales numbers and achieve professional goals.

We purposely keep our agent count in this brokerage firm under 250.  Our vetted, highly screened, talented, full-time agents sold over 1.55 billion dollars in one year, placing Best Choice Realty in the top ten brokerages. Our focus is Quality not Quantity. We don’t take on every agent. Our primary form of recruiting is through word of mouth.

Top Producers Event, 2023

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Top Producers Event, 2023

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We have an in-house Brand Manager with free consultations to help you build or enhance your own brand within your community. What is it going to cost you?  To get started, we have an onboarding $250 one time fee that includes everything you need to get your business going including business cards shipped to your home and a custom-built website and CRM. We have a flat transaction fee of $595 that truly has a cap with no commission split and no monthly technology or desk fees. Its that simple. 

Compensation and Fees

  • 100% Commission
    • $595 Transaction Fee
    • No Monthly Fee, No Franchise Fees, No Desk Fees
    • WASHINGTON ONLY: Low E&O premium $35 (capped at $280/yr)
    • WASHINGTON ONLEY: L&I Service Fee, currently $31.50/mo

Talent Acquisition Manager, Eric Noyes

You can contact our Talent Acquisition Manager directly anytime at (253)277-0258.

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